What is this about?

As a hospitality company, our work involves quite a bit of traveling and being in the know, at least as far as travel and lifestyle options are concerned. We focus on the African continent, particularly West Africa, as we are based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our work – providing hospitality advisory and operational services for clients in African destinations – has kept us at the forefront of a developing industry – hospitality and to a larger extent…tourism. There are challenges to report, but there are also so many things to be excited about. And we want to share some of our work, as well as contribute to the narrative of growth that is happening across the continent.

We want this website to be our creative outlet where we share content that inspires us, provokes thought, and most importantly, helps you plan your next trip to an African destination.

And if there’s something in particular you’d like to see here, please leave us a comment here, or send us an email at info@haussehospitality.com.


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